Kindergarten Mama...You can do this

July 31, 2018


Well...the day is finally here. For some of you, this is a day you have been dreading. For others, you are ready to do a little happy dance because you are so excited!



That's right friends. Your baby, your first born, or maybe the last little chick in your nest,  is going to Kindergarten. 


So many questions are in your mind and your heart. 


Will they cry?

Will they have fun?

Will they make friends?

Will the teacher like them?

Will they be good?

Will they be bullied?

Will they be a bully?


I think the hardest question of all for most of us could be this:

Will they still need me?


The answer is simple: YES!!


Yes Mama, they will still need you! The only difference is that they will need you in a different way!


They need you to encourage them to be independent little humans. They need to know that you believe in them and that they can take this next step in their life journey!


They need you to let them go and maybe only walk them in the first day of Kindergarten instead of the entire first week.


They need you to help them see the fun of learning and the value it will add to their life. 


They need you to pray for them in a way you may never have before. Pray they have courage. Pray they are protected. Pray they are a light to those who need light. Pray their own faith grows throughout the year. Pray for their friends and their teachers.


There is power in your prayers Mama. 


They need you to help them understand that making new friends is so important to do in their life right now. They need to know that not everyone is like them and we respect each other's differences even in Kindergarten.


They need you to remind them to be a friend to everyone. Teach them to include instead of choosing to exclude.


They need you to remind them that kindness is one of the most important qualities that will go with them from a child to an adult. It matters and it is important.


They need you to teach them to respect authority when you hand them off to their teacher. They need to hear positive words and support for their teacher when you talk about them. 


So are you needed? ABSOLUTELY


Has that role changed? Some...but not as much as you think.


Is the change hard? Yes it is, but, it will help them grow...and it is going to help you grow too! 


You can do this Kindergarten Mama! Let your kiddo know, that they can do it too!



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